Dear Friends,

     I am so grateful for St. Gregory's and all of the people I have come to know and love in this church and because of all the opportunities that serving St. Gregory's has provided for me. Just this week I spent time on the phone connecting and reconnecting with several lovely people. I am so blessed. We are so blessed here at St. Gregory's. Sometimes we need to stop, be still, and sit in the joy, the peace, and the happiness which comes with remembering how blessed we are and where this comes from.
     With the snow melting, and the daffodils breaking through, and the warmer temps edging upward, we have a new awakening, a new appreciation of life as we watch it take hold over the earth and within our hearts. Our stewardship liaison, Michele May and I have been discussing how to shift from a one-time a year, stewardship campaign to a year-long way of thinking and being all about stewardship. Look for her messages, which will hopefully get us all thinking about stewardship in a larger sense than just that of developing a budget each year, and that our thinking will incorporate our relationship with God. I am excited about this and look forward to seeing how we are influenced by her words, her knowledge, words from the experts on this, and on new ways of looking at stewardship. I think we are in a good place, as a congregation to hear and digest and make this shift. See her contribution this week - below!
     Enjoy the weather, take good care of yourself. Remember: Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God and love your neighbor! 
Warmly, and with many blessings,
Mother Lily