Dear Friends,

As I watched the funeral this morning of Queen Elizabeth II, I was struck by the pageantry and the respect shown by the British people. Although not a perfect country, there are lessons to take from them on how to move forward in life in the most dignified of ways. Sometimes I wonder if in our pursuit of freedom and rights we have lost some of our integrity through the ongoing divisiveness, hate, and fear we seem to be experiencing here in America. It makes me sad. Can we have both? Can we have integrity and respect as well as freedom and our rights honored and protected. Yes, we can! In our Gospel lesson for Sunday, we are told the great chasm between heaven and hell has been fixed. Because of my hopeful nature, I believe that we have time to alter any predisposition we might possess in regard to our own destiny, if we begin right now. 

Next Sunday is our kick-off for Sunday School and Choir. We will celebrate with an Ice Cream Social. Don't forget to get your ticket for the Steak and Salmon dinner. My mouth is watering as I write this. I am still in need of two Sunday school teachers and two teenage helpers. Let me know if this fits for you. If we can have two volunteers in would be an every other week commitment. Think and pray about it and then let me know.

Warmly, and with many blessings,

Mother Lily