Lent 2020

April 2021

We will start having in-person services on Palm Sunday, March 27! All state guidelines for in-person meetings will be in effect, so remember to wear your mask (we will have some on hand if you forget). See you soon!

Find our Sunday service live on our Facebook page at 10 am on Sundays.  We will also put it here sometime later on Sunday each week. 

Food Truck locations for April 2021 For information regarding mobiles call Kasey Rose 231-727-6000, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Muskegon County Cooperating Churches

Apr 2 10 am Fifth Reformed Church 2330 Holton Rd Muskegon
April 3 10 am White Lake Congregational 1809 Mears Whitehall
April 3 10 am First Congregational 1201 Jefferson Muskegon
April 10 10 am St. Thomas 3252 East Apple Muskegon
April 10 10 am Kingdom Assembly/Trinity 3225 Roosevelt Muskegon
April 12 6 pm Laketon Bethel 1568 W. Giles Muskegon
April 15 4 pm Mona Lake Inn 3450 Hoyt Muskegon
April 16 10 am Fifth Reformed 2330 Holton Road Muskegon
April 19 5 pm Mt. Zion/CUMC Huntington/221 Webster Muskegon
April 21 6 pm Harbor of Grace 540 Houston Muskegon
April 24 1 pm Fruitland Covenant 4283 N Weber Whitehall
April 25 5 pm New Jerusalum 2200 Manz Muskegon

For the latest update on the Mobile Food Pantry listings PLEASE CALL 2-1-1 (OR 733-1155) Or MUSKEGON COUNTY COOPERATING CHURCHES – www.cooperatingchurches.com

Service Cancellations

If the Mona Shores High School closes because of the weather, the office will be closed. If Sunday and/or Wednesday Services and Pro-grams close due to the weather, notifications will appear on the following TV channels;
WZZM 13 and WOOD TV 8 and WOTV 4.
Mother Lily will also send out an email to those who receive her “Weekly Reminders”