Mother Lily’s Message


Dear Friends,

     Weather permitting we will be worshipping outdoors next Sunday. Bring your lawn chairs. Now that we are moving to Phase III we can sigh a bit of relief. I know-mask wearing and singing has been difficult. On July 1 we will be making some changes to the service. Stay tuned. If you are curious about the recommendations for Phase III you can find the document on the EDWM website. Keep in mind this was written at the start of the pandemic and we have much more information regarding how it spreads than we did at that time.
     I am really curious to know how people are doing. We recently had this conversation at a Wednesday Night Eucharist. It was a good and important discussion. Let me know. I want to know. This has been a difficult couple of years for a number of reasons and, of course, it has affected us all in so many different ways. Now that we are making plans for a deeper engagement with each other I want to know what made our worshipping better and what can we, do we, go back to re-initiating. I also need to know how engaged do people want to be. We need people in all our ministries-choir, LEMs, Readers, Altar Guild, etc. We are losing the Schweri family to a move to Lansing. They have been our technology gurus. If interested and/or knowledgeable, or know someone who might help, please let me know.
     Next Sunday the Mission and Outreach team will be showing a short video about a program in Arizona. This will help us understand and get ready for a speaker on the 27th. The effort to help others at the border is the topic. This will be educational and maybe an opportunity to help. Stay tuned. 

Warmly and with many blessings,
Mother Lily+