Mother Lily’s Message

Dear Friends,

Last Tuesday, over a beer, well I don’t really like beer, so over a glass of cider, Fa-ther Mike Fedewa (St. Paul’s) and I had a lovely conversation about the future of the Episcopal Church in Muskegon. I know what you’re thinking, these discussions have taken place many times before. Yet, it feels as though there is something very different going on.

Mike and I are good friends; good friends long before our calls to these two Mus-kegon Episcopal Churches. Also, it feels different because we were not part of any-thing from the past, nor are we interested in anything of the sort defining who we are now.

As many of you know, I have been on a mission for St. Gregory’s to have a visible presence in Muskegon. I would like St. Gregory’s to be seen as a missional church, both in nature and in action. I be-lieve this is the future of the church if it is to be viable. I also believe that the church is on the cusp of something great if it can come to fully comprehend what that means. I believe it is timely for us to forge a solid and lasting relationship with our brothers and sisters at St. Paul’s. We are the church in body, soul, and mind. Where we worship and have fellowship is less important than the fact that we do wor-ship and have fellowship.

The Episcopal Church in Muskegon has an opportunity to gain strength and reach people through its vision, mission, and partnerships. We have already begun to strengthen our relationship with St. Paul’s by teaming with them at Supper House once a month. As we enter Lent, we will have more opportuni-ties, such as a combination Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper held at St. Gregory’s, and with a movie at St. Paul’s for those who would like to attend. There will be two Ash Wednesday Eucharists; one at noon at St. Paul’s and one at 5:45 pm at St. Gregory’s. This allows all Episcopalians and guests to go to the one that works best with their schedule. Mike and I discussed other joint ventures. I am excited and feel blessed by these opportunities presenting themselves. I look forward to our future as congre-gations and as congregations which know how to be good stewards of resources by sharing of our-selves and others.

Blessings to you all, Mother Lily +