Mother Lily’s Message

Dear Friends,
It seems as though I am for ever spouting “Proclaim the Gospel in what you do, what you say, and in your attitude toward yourself and others.” I think we all get that. What might not be as clear is what “Proclaiming the Gospel” means.
We need not look any farther for that answer than the Bible. Jesus gives us example after example in the Gospel of what proclaiming the Gospel looks like. He demonstrates it in what he says and does. When you read or hear scripture, pay close attention to what he says and does. Pay attention to the attitude with which he acts. It often takes a closer reading than what we are used to doing, to really hear the Gospel as God intended us to hear it. If we cannot discern it clearly, we cannot know the truth, and we cannot act upon and come to know the truth for ourselves.
It is not just about being a kind and good person. Those qualities are important, yet they can be too vague. Sometimes it takes something deeper, more specific, and/or different than this. It is about fig-uring out how to be compassionate in the wake of judgement or fear. It is about seeing injustice and doing something about it. It is about understanding what loving your neighbor really means in a world that teaches hate, separation, and elitism. It is about understanding our privilege and the lack of access that others have been dealt in life and how we might go about, in our own small way, lev-eling the playing field.
These are just some things to think about as we enter Lent. Lent is a time to reexamine our lives, priorities, and our contribution to the building of God’s Kingdom, or lack thereof. We do this to-gether, in community, leaning on each other for support.
Blessings to all,

Mother Lily+