Mother Lily’s Message


Dear Friends,

     On Thursday I will be traveling to St David's in Lansing. This will be the clergy's annual Chrism Mass. This is the mass where we get our oil for the year which is blessed by the Bishop. I am looking forward to this since it has been two years when this last took place and that was due to the pandemic and the Bishop's suspension. I will also get to meet Bishop Skip Adams who is our Assisting Bishop appointed in Bishop Hougland's absence. There are some new priests in our diocese who I will have a chance to meet in-person, as well. 
     I am very impressed with how responsible we have been as a parish. The percentage of people who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 among our parishioners is astonishing. This points out that we do care for each other when we take this so seriously. Soon our young ones (12-15) will be eligible and hopefully soon life as a church will begin to feel fuller again. 
     The technology for livestreaming often gets away from us. Every time we tweak something, another part of the system goes wacky. Be assured (especially those at home who are frustrated) that we are doing our best to get on top of this. We will continue to send my sermons and events out to all of you via email or snail mail. If you feel you are missing out on anything, let me know and I will see what I can do to keep you connected.
     We have a baptism coming up on Pentecost. The Lopez's had a little girl, Calliope, in January and we will be bringing her into the priesthood of believers with water and oil on May 23. Please join us for this wonderful occasion!

Warmly and with many blessings,
Mother Lily+