Mother Lily’s Message

I am sitting here waiting for Lilly to come out of her school building so that I can give her a ride home. Yes, we are now leaving behind the lazy days of summer and entering the fast-paced and busy times of fall. School is in session. Sunday School is in session. The choir is reconvened. We are now doing year ahead planning for worship, for mission, and for Christian education. The holidays will be here before we know it.

Rather than letting our anxiety run away with us, this might be as good a time as ever to establish a rule of life. A rule of life is a way of practicing spiritual habits which will refresh, revive and sustain us through whatever life dishes out to us this year. Prayer, worshipping with the Daily Office, meditating (something, I have never been able to do), or honoring sabbath daily, weekly, or monthly are examples of ways we can establish a rule of life.

I like to read my Forward Day by Day each morning and end the day with an Examen Prayer, looking back on my day. What was good, and what needed work. Thanking God for the experiences of the day, and the lessons, or the gratefulness the day may have given me. The habits we establish vary, due to their appeal and fit. They will be unique to each of us. The commonality we share is the impact these habits have on us. They center us. They center us on Jesus Christ, each day, and in a way that lifts and encourages us.

This may turn out to be a wonderful year for some and a challenging one for others. Even so, it seems like every year presents some challenges for all of us. Think about a rule of life and what that might mean for you.


Mother Lily+