Mother Lily’s Message

Dear Friends,

I have had many discussions about God this week. One would expect this when one is a Priest, right? This week seemed particularly filled with good questions; yet, hard to answer questions. I think that the parables of our Gospel lessons have electrified some of our brain cells into action. One of these discussions was with my granddaughter, who was full of questions, because she listens and tries to make sense out of what she hears. Pretty cool, hey? I thank God for these discussions because without them I would assume that we are either taking what we hear on face value-not recommended, or we are not paying close attention to what might be helping us grow and form as children of God-also not recommended. The difficultly with these discussions is that, although, we may be able to get a clearer understanding of who God is and how God works in all our lives, they do not adequately clear up the mysteries of which there seem to be no answers, or the contradictions we are prone to hear when we read and hear the word one dimensionally. The opposite of one dimensional understanding of scripture is the irresponsible interpretation of what we hear. If we hear the word in such a way, as to justify our thinking and/or behavior, we are going about our formation in a very dangerous way. If we let the word open us up and form us, we have access to an even clearer understanding of God and how God works. We can enter the word at a place; deeper and more honest.

These first months preaching every Sunday have been challenging. Scripture can easily be saying something, not nearly clear as a bell, as one would want. And, the face value interpretation can sometimes seem so off the mark, especially when violent imagery is used. Taking the time to delve into the word has been challenging, and at the same time, enriching. Discussions with you have been challenging, and at the same time, enriching. Our formation together and apart continues. I thank God for you all, every day.

Mother Lily+