Mother Lily’s Message


Dear Friends,

     Our current Senior Warden and friend, Rick Scheerer is currently in the ICU at Mercy. He is in a very serious condition. He needs our prayers. Linda and the entire family need our prayers. I am in touch with her and she is keeping me posted. When I went to see him and her at the hospital, she had family with her to lean on. Also, her faith is helping her to be strong through this ordeal. Pray for them.
     We begin the season of Advent. The season of waiting and getting ready for something new to happen. That newness is in Jesus Christ. In the words of a meditation by Anne E. Kitch for the first Sunday of Advent, as people open to the hand of the creator it is a time to be made, remade, unmade, and made anew. Don't you love that? I sure do! Her book of Advent meditations are the very things we are going to explore and discuss during our Thursday's soup and bread luncheons. They will begin at 11:30 am and end around 1:00 pm. I look forward to seeing you and I look forward to our discussions. 
     Pledge cards can still be turned in. If you need a card to fill out or want envelopes let the office know. We are currently working on the budget for 2022. It would be nice to increase some of our programming and that takes money, time, and volunteers. 
     If anyone is interested in confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation of Baptismal vows please let me know. I would love to start a class and have a group ready for the next confirmation service in the spring. Those coming from a tradition other than the Episcopal tradition (even if you have been confirmed in another tradition) and who might want to be received into the Episcopal Church may be interested. Just let me know.
     I am working on two possibilities to begin after the holidays. The first is putting together a technology team. Since we have decided to continue livestreaming our services, we need to look at what we are doing and what we could be doing. We need to prioritize our needs and look at projected costs and begin a fund for financing any improvements and upgrades to what we are currently doing. Also, we are going to start a book study to discuss, openly and honestly, racism. The class will be open to all and I would encourage you to attend and to do so with an open mind and willingness to talk about a subject that many avoid because it isn't easy to do so-yet something it is important for us to undertake. There is always growth to be had in any struggling we do to learn and understand.  

Warmly, and with many blessings,
Mother Lily