Mother Lily’s Message

Dear Friends,

This past year we have had several visitors: several guests. Beside being happy about this, because we consider ourselves a welcoming community and want to share the good news as well as our good fortune as a community, it is now time to talk about guests. Who are they to us?

This is who they are; they are the most important individuals in our presence. I strongly believe that when someone walks into my home to visit, they get my full attention and service. In our church, this might be somewhat too much. We certainly don’t want to overwhelm our guests. Most come exploring, checking out who we are and what our worship is like. With sensitivity to this and/or to the apprehension they might feel about being in a new or unfamiliar place, we approach them with love, say hi, and hope they have a pleasant experience.

Welcoming means inviting them in, introducing ourselves, and helping them out with the service, if need be. We invite them back for coffee, sit with them or invite them to sit with us. We are congenial, not overbearing, but congenial. I know we all know this yet sometimes we sit back thinking someone else will do the welcoming. If our guests are the most important people in the place (and they are), we show this by taking the initiative. This is merely a reminder to us all. We are a community of welcomers; welcomers to, and welcomers within, the community and household of God.

With the love of God,
Mother Lily+