Mother Lily’s Message

Dear friends,
As I sit here and gaze outside I catch a glimpse of a potted sunflower plant which my husband desired us to buy when we went flower shopping last week. Sunflowers have always fascinated me because if you pass a field of them you notice the flowers are always about the same height and always facing in the same direction. My hus-band says they always face east. Each flower has its own individuality, yet is part of something larger than itself.

When I think about sunflowers, I wonder. Is it possible for all of us to stand straight and tall, next to each other, and be drawn in the same direction, just like the sunflowers? Is it possible for us all to be drawn toward God? Can we achieve the solidarity, equity, and com-mon purpose which the sunflowers seem to demonstrate? Isn’t that what God has created us for, and called us to do?

To some this may seem an impossible feat, especially in today’s climate of division. Yet, it is not impossible, if we reclaim, proclaim, and set Jesus Christ be-fore us in all that we are and all that we do. We can stand as straight and tall, as is possible for each. We can do it together. We can include everyone in our field. We will meet God, in the most surprising places, such as in the face of a beautiful sunflower or in the face of a hungry child. We will meet God in beauty and in brokenness. Catch sight of God’s presence all around. Look about you and be surprised.

Blessings to all,