Mother Lily’s Message

Dear Friends,
I was watching a documentary on the Vietnam War last night. The U.S. involvement in that conflict began as early as the 1950’s, during the time when the Korean War was waging. I did not know this. The French were trying to maintain their colonial status in Viet Nam while the western world was concerned about the spread of communism. The U.S. slowly entered the conflict for a variety of reasons and interests. It was a tricky and complicated relationship. As I was watching and listening, I was reminded of what we face in our world today. Coun-tries in civil war over who really belongs, racially, and who really rules as a result. ISIS, as the entity we fear, and its ever-creeping into every sphere of the world. Terrorism that shows up in all nations, both domestic and foreign.  Things have not changed much—-just names and places. I am reminded that this has been the case throughout time, throughout history.

Where does God fit in all of this?

I bet, like me, you ask yourself this from time to time. Jesus also walked the earth during a time of oppression, a time of racial, religious and national strife and suffering. Jesus did not shy away from any of it. Jesus met it head on. He showed us an approach unfamiliar to many of us. We tend to hide our heads in the sand or get so angry we become self-righteous and completely misguided in our perceptions. We forget God’s plan for this world. If we could and would stay focused on God’s plan, we would remain calm and focused; we would stand up and speak up and insist on a world that reflected God.
God’s desire for creation is not that it is necessarily going to be perfect, but that it works and strives for justice, peace, equality and solidarity. How are we doing? Are we making God’s presence felt in the world we live in? That is all we are required to do. If we are doing this and having faith that God’s plan will be fulfilled, we will get through these times.
Advent is a time of hope. Join me in seeking, finding and maintaining our faith, as well as, feeling the hope which the Son coming to us, brings us.

Mother Lily
P.S. I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts, regarding the gun violence taking place in some of our places of worship and prayer.