Mother Lily’s Message

Dear Friends,

I have been thinking a lot (and talking a lot) about being a church of the 21st century. So many of us remember fondly the church of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but a great deal has changed since then. The young people who grace our doors, now, do not remember the church of those eras, do not have the memories, nor do they think of church in the same way that some of us do. I am curious to know what those later generations think a 21st century church would look and feel like. I, absolutely, invite that conversation.

Without that input, at this time, I would make a couple of recommendations based on my ob-servations. Some of you can certainly add to my list. First, that we become more missional-minded and gospel-driven. In other words, not do mission (only) but be missional in the way we relate to God’s creation, 24/7, caring about others, creatures, the environment, and the welfare of each. Being gospel-driven means that our thinking, decisions, and the way we live our lives, reflect the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Being righteous as opposed to being right.

Also, I would suggest we define our mission in this community of Muskegon. “We are the church that ______.” Fill in the blank. How do we want to be known? We also need to bring our music program into the 21st century, without losing the traditional tried and true music of our heritage. We can do both.

So, how do we do this? How do we have the music in our music program reflect and appeal to others and younger people, and also make our Sunday celebrations, true celebrations? These are just some things to think about. How can St. Gregory’s be a church of the 21st century, keeping the beauty of the past, and the excitement, and life, of the future? Tell me what you think.

Blessings to al of youl,