Mother Lily’s Message

Dear Friends,
During our pledge drive David Wells gave a stewardship homily. In his homily he talked about two things which I wish to emphasize in my message this month. The first was about all of things that happen around here and make this place run (not just run, but run well) and the second thing he talked about was inviting others to join us in worship.

I call the people who get things done around here the quiet ministers of St. Gregory’s. Operating a church with building issues, programs, and services to both parishioners and the community can be a daunting enterprise, un-less you have those quiet ministers who go about their business making things right and making things happen. And, they do so without a great deal of fanfare. They just do it out of their love of God, their love of this place, and their love of the community here at St. Greg’s. We couldn’t be in better shape than we currently are when it comes to our quiet ministers. Look around you and you will see something which happens or exists strictly because of our quiet ministers. Thank you to them. You know who you are!

The second item is about inviting someone to St. Gregory’s this year. First, ask yourself what is it that brings you back here week after week. Lynne Gill stated, at a recent Vestry meeting, that he found the truth here, after being exposed to other traditions. I found this to be a deep-ly, moving insight. If it is the music, the liturgy, Eucharist, the preaching, the community, please share what it is and persuade another person to experience what you have experi-enced, or maybe, help them find their own passion within this worshipping experience and community. We are a loving church. It is time to share that love with others who have not had the privilege of knowing our community, yet. If you see some new faces in church, invite them to coffee hour. Invite them to your table at coffee hour, or sit with them at theirs. Engage them in conversation. Build relationships.

We are to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed. Here are two ways in which it can be, and is, done. There are those out there searching, trying to find meaning and purpose in life. They may find it here. Have confidence in that thought. Go and invite!

Blessings to you all,
Mother Lily +

*If you are going to be alone this holiday season and would like to spend time with others, please let someone in the church know.