Mission & Outreach Updates

We'll help Muskegon's EXIT program in February. EXIT, which stands for “Empowering Ex-Offenders in Transition,” readies County Jail inmates for success after release. Their day-long classes cover Life Skills, Parenting, Money Management, High School Diploma Preparation, Mentorship, Industrial Skills and Job Experience. (See List below & copies available in hall display.Collection tub is in the hallway)
EXIT needs our help providing lunch and coffee break items for students in its day-long training sessions. (EXIT has no other way to supplement the stale-bread-and-bologna the jail provides.) Check the Wish List below and see if you can help. You can leave items through February 24. There's a collection bin in the narthex.
Volunteers are needed to serve at Supper House, 3:30 to 6:00 Tuesday, February 12. We share the evening with St. Paul's, so it a fun chance to work together. You don't need to be on the Outreach committee to take part. See Barb Huff if you'd like to volunteer.
In March we'll collect to “Send a Girl to School.” Details and dates are still being worked out. We'll know more in a few weeks. Heifer International is running the program which offers education and empowerment for girls. “Send a Girl to School” is aimed at families in Africa and Southeast Asia.
Jim Horan, Mission & Outreach Chair

Pastoral Care Team Members Provide Helpful Services


The Pastoral Care Team is now actively serving the members of St. Gregory’s. Each week Team members are scheduled for either Eucharistic Visits or various aspects of Pastoral Care.  Those who are “on duty” are listed on the Server Schedule of the newsletter. Weekly Servers are also listed in Bulletin Announcements on Sundays.  “All members of the congregation are on the Pastoral Team by letting the Team Members know when needs arise." Eucharistic Visitors are Linda Scheerer and Stu Smith.  Pastoral Team Members include Mary Closz, Marge Collinge, Tracy Damm, Barb Huff.. Jim Horan heads up the Transportation & Delivery Team; Jeff Closz organizes the Music Team, and Gayle Katz updates and distributes the Prayer Chain. All members’ phone numbers are listed in the Parish Directory, which has just recently been updated and is available from the church office if you’ve misplaced yours.