Mission & Outreach Updates

'Besides the “Usual” (see below) Mission and Outreach doesn't have it's 2020 events set yet. That makes this a good time to look back and say some Thank Yous. But it's hard to say Thank You when virtually EVERYBODY at St. Greg's played a part in Outreach efforts. By a rough count, there were 32 Outreach events in 2019. Each one required the gift of time and talent from  dedicated volunteers. In mind right now is the very generous holiday giving we have just completed. We gave to MAP's Thanksgiving Pantry, Teen Town, Adopt-a-Family and a parish  family......so I can only say Thank You everybody!!

Here is “The Usual”: We will serve at Supper House 3:30 - 6:00 PM January 14. If you'd like to take part let me know. The next Community Breakfast will be February 29. Outreach meets the first Sunday of each month (January 5th). Everyone is invited to join us.'

Jim Horan


Boy Scout Troop 1053 Sponsors Mobile Food Pantry:  A sunny, but cold Saturday on December 21st, the Feeding America Mobile Food Pantry arrived in St. Gregory’s west parking lot to distribute thousands of pounds of food to those in need. Partnering with our Mission and Outreach Team, the Scouts paid for and provided assistance to those who came for food. St. Gregory’s opened its doors and provided a warm place to wait, hot chocolate and cookies for those who came early. Approximately 130 people were served. All were not only grateful for  the food, but also for the hospitality the Outreach team provided. Troop 1053 plans to sponsor more Mobile Food Pantry visits in 2020. St. Gregory’s is the troop’s chartering organization.  Dave Closz and Dave Bialik are Scoutmasters for the troop. (Photo by Jim Horan)


The Pastoral Care Team is now actively serving the members of St. Gregory’s. Each week Team members are scheduled for either Eucharistic Visits or various aspects of Pastoral Care.  Those who are “on duty” are listed on the Server Schedule of the newsletter. Weekly Servers are also listed in Bulletin Announcements on Sundays.  “All members of the congregation are on the Pastoral Team by letting the Team Members know when needs arise." The Eucharistic Visitor is Linda Scheerer.  Pastoral Team Members include Marge Collinge, Tracy Damm, Barb Huff. Jim Horan heads up the Transportation & Delivery Team; Jeff Closz organizes the Music Team; and Gayle Katz updates and distributes the Prayer Chain. All members’ phone numbers are listed in the Parish Directory, which has just recently been updated and is available from the church office if you’ve misplaced yours.