About Us

"Our mission, rooted in the Episcopal tradition, is to worship God, to follow Jesus Christ, to grow together in the Holy Spirit and to serve others."



Welcome is defined by webster as:  “to receive or accept with happiness or pleasure”.  St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church is a welcoming, caring and spirit filled traditional church. We are a small, committed church community in muskegon michigan blessed with changing seasons along the lake shore.

We have a strong history of mission services, community inclusion, youth programs, fellowship, choir involvement, music program, bible study, sunday school programs and parish ministries. Our congregation is small but mighty in its attempts to keep our parish growing, loving and focused on the spiritual call to serve.


Parish Goals (not prioritized)

1. Christian Assistance with End of Life issues.

Possible activities and programs: Planning a Christian Funeral, memorial courtyard services, visiting nursing homes & shut-ins, Eucharistic visits, grief counseling and assistance to survivors


2. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Passion Narrative.

The Passion Narrative project has been a valued service to other congregations and should be continued. The Narrative will be edited to provide many roles for congregational participation.


3. Host an Afterschool Coffee House for High School Students.

This would serve community youth, reaching out to Mona Shores students and others. Possible activities: Offer a gathering place with snacks, chips, video and a comfortable lounge. Students themselves could help plan and run this. There could be occasional coffee house-style performances with student poets and musicians. The Coffee House could be daily, weekly or monthly as appropriate.


 A short history


St. Gregory's Episcopal Church was originally organized as Ascension Chapel, a parochial chapel of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Muskegon. on April 3, 1955.  The first Eucharist was held on Palm Sunday in the Walburn Funeral Home.  The Rev. David Bryce, Curate of St. Paul's, officiated.

The parish moved to Maple Grove School, then located at the corner of Norton and Henry Streets, in September of 1955, and changed its name to St. Gregory's Mission in November.

St. Gregory's became a Diocesan Mission in January of 1956, and a Parish Church in January 1957.   February saw the groundbreaking for the first unit of the new church.  Bishop Dudley B. McNeil dedicated the building and furnishings in September of 1957.  The groundbreaking for the church addition, which is the present sanctuary, was in February 1963 and dedicated on December 8, 1963.  Another Curate of St. Paul's, Fr. Shelbert Harris, became St. Gregory's first Rector.

The latest addition, which greatly improves the usefulness of the entire building as well as making all the building handicapped accessible, was dedicated by Bishop Lee on February 22, 1999. A lovely Memorial Courtyard, begun in 1979 and one of the first in this area, continues to be available to members and friends of St. Gregory's.

During the last 50 years, St. Gregory's has been led by seven different Rectors. 



Traditionally, St. Gregory's has Eucharist every Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  Rite II is used most of the year. We also have a Wednesday service at 5:45 pm.

Our Sunday School Program meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am.  During the Peace, the children join their families in the church for Eucharist.  The 3rd Sunday of each month, during the school year, is Youth Sunday.  Our young people are the greeters and lesson readers, they participate in the offering, bring the elements to the altar and pass the offertory plates.  We welcome their special music from time to time.  We hope that this gives our young people an opportunity to gain the confidence and knowledge to fully participate in the service.

Our choir is a vibrant group that sings at the 10:00 am service.  Our hymnody is is enhanced by  our 100+ year old tracker pipe organ with beautiful tone qualities.  Click the link to see a wonderful study of our organ.  We also enjoy a 'guitar mass' on the third Sunday of the month.

Our priest is assisted at the altar by Lay Eucharistic Ministers, lay readers that rotate Sundays and services.  We also have a dedicated group of  Eucharistic Visitors that take Holy Communion to our shut-ins as requested.

Our Altar Guild schedule rotates Sundays.  Their commitment and prayerful concern for the everyday tasks concerning the altar is commendable.