Mission & Outreach Updates

A big thank you goes to all who helped with Outreach projects in May and June. St. Gregory's provided 60 books (!) for the Diocesan Reading program in Beulah, packed lunches for the Kids Food Basket and collected healthy snacks for the Kids Count Reading Camp in Muskegon.


You-Had-to-Be-There Department! Leslie Day was the star at a storytelling program for Kids Count, June 22. She kept the kids fascinated with creative versions of “The Hobyah's,” “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout” and “Good Night, Owl.” The youngsters took part in each story, creating masks and props and acting out the tales. Marge Collinge, Lynne Gill and the Horans were Leslie's helpers, and Lynne found himself “onstage” as one of the actors. The finale was Leslie's creepy tale, “Black Bubblegum.” Kids and grownups alike were spooked (in a fun way) by this classic make-you-jump tale. 


Outreach will celebrate Lily Marx's ordination by supporting EXIT,   whose acronym means “Empowering Ex-Offenders in Transition.” The program shares goals with Lily's former career as Superintendent of the Ottawa County Juvenile Detention Center. EXIT readies young men in Muskegon for success after release from prison.

EXIT teaches job skills, personal finance and parenting in a classroom setting. A second phase focuses on employment readiness. At the end participants transition into temporary employment with an assigned mentor.

St. Gregory's will collect items to support the classroom sessions with lunch items and grooming supplies. A “collection tub” in the narthex will list the items needed. We'll collect items through July 30.

The next Outreach meeting will be August 13 after the 10 am service. Everyone interested is invited to meet with us to plan fall activities. Jim Horan 


- Jim Horan, M/O Chair


Summer Program
Community Encompass' Kids Count program serves children in the McLaughlin Neighborhood. It helps children maintain vital reading skills in the summer. Encompass already has most of the books wanted but REALLY needs snack items and fun extras to make the program a success. Donated books (for gr 1 - 5) are welcome extras.

Deadline for donations is June 18.

Crackers-and-cheese packs; Mini-raisin boxes; Juice boxes; Crackers-and-peanutbutter packs; Pretzel bags; Apples; Oranges; Donated books for grades 1 – 5. ( Any new books will be used as special reading prizes)


Pastoral Care Team Members Provide Helpful Services


The Pastoral Care Team is now actively serving the members of St. Gregory’s. Each week Team members are scheduled for either Eucharistic Visits or various aspects of Pastoral Care.  Those who are “on duty” are listed on the Server Schedule of the newsletter. Weekly Servers are also listed in Bulletin Announcements on Sundays.  “All members of the congregation are on the Pastoral Team by letting the Team Members know when needs arise." Eucharistic Visitors are Linda Scheerer and Stu Smith.  Pastoral Team Members include Mary Closz, Marge Collinge, Tracy Damm, Barb Huff.. Jim Horan heads up the Transportation & Delivery Team; Jeff Closz organizes the Music Team, and Gayle Katz updates and distributes the Prayer Chain. All members’ phone numbers are listed in the Parish Directory, which has just recently been updated and is available from the church office if you’ve misplaced yours.